The Links Project



Navigating The Links Project as it is presented under the button Undestined, is very easy. However, there are a few things that may be convenient to know before you visit the living poem as it is presented on this website.

Navigating the poem Undestined

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The Links Project currently involves 544 cities, villages and silos, where the poem Undestined has been recited. Around 200 of these recitals have been uploaded to the online presentation of Undestined. The part that can be accessed online runs from from Clifden in Western Ireland to Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and the Polish border. That is about 40% of the project. However, on the Google Earth implementation of the recitals, this is hardly 25% of the distance covered. The reason for this being that the remaining part of the route spans out over 80% of the territory, due to the fact that Poland, Belorussia, Russia, Siberia, China and Japan are far less densely populated than Western Europe.

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You can recognize the playable recitals online by their blue buttons with a movie symbol inside, against the yellow buttons with a white cross inside that signal places that have yet to be uploaded. We estimate that the online presentation of the poem will be completed in 2014.

Navigating the Google Earth project

To move along the route you can either drag the map to the position you would like to zoon into, or you can zoom in first and then move the cursor over the route. Wherever you go, the places along the route will pop up as you move, as is demonstrated by this slide show.

slnav 3Zooming

You can zoom into the map by means of the zoom tool that is depicted here. + zooms in, – zooms out, and with the arrows you can move to any side (although you can also just pull the map quickly with help of your cursor)