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Usually the artist is prominently present in his art, but the poet and founder of The Links Project has chosen to remain in the background. His name is not even represented here, and where it applies he will be referred to merely as the poet:

'I have always regarded 'Undestined' as a living entity, not a dead poem. It has a life of its own. I'm just the spark from which it orignated. You may call me the father, but I don't recall many fathers in history who were credited with the accomplishments of their sons and daughters. 'Undestined' has a story to tell of its own, which can be meaningful to anyone living in this world today. The idea was always to give it back to the people who created it through exhibitions, educational programs, and The Links Community, which eventually is the greater achievement of 'Undestined'. The Links Community is 'the next generation'. Unlike social media sites that were developed later, we envisioned The Links Community with a completely different aim. Instead of sales and advertisements, we want to link people that are interested in living life in peace and freedom, for starters. Without hunger and exploitation. Like some North Korean leaders we watch an incidental Hollywood movie now and then. We wouldn't condemn our kids for wanting to see Disneyland, though. At the same time we believe that there are cultural and philosophical values in life that exceed dating, money, and entertainment. The Links Project is a cultural movement, not an aesthetic expression.'


1. A traveling exhibition

At present, we are conceiving a traveling exhibition that should revisit the countries included in The Links Project. This exhibition, with highlights of the project and journey aims to contribute to bridging the gap between East and West by showing the poetic pioneers that created the bridge formed by The Links project. Reciters, sponsors and others involved will present their views on East-West relationships in the context of the project. This will not be done in a technical way, but by normal speaking sharing their life experiences from the heart.

2. Educational programs

The ultimate aim is to give lectures at schools, universities and cultural environments that want to be linked with people of similar thought. What will we teach? For sure not how to make this world a better place. We do not believe in a white or any kind of men's society that is going to 'improve' or 'help' the world. Our philosophy is simple: the world is yours. No one should tell people what to do with their individual lives, but if one hasn't realized his or her full potential in the end, this affects the chances in life for their children. Therefore we teach to believe in your dreams, reach out to the stars, and inspire others. Rather than showing people what we achieved, we want to show people that the impossible is possible. We want to teach how to channel your energy, how to focus, and... find people of similar mind that can help creating things that are bigger than any single one given person. In fact, rather than teach anything, we want to inspire.

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