The Links Project


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gl1Although the world has thousands of social media platforms, they were all antedated by the concept presented within The Links Project in 1989. From the beginning, the idea was to create a living route that would eventually leave behind the poem and the project as such. A platform where people could find each other cross culture, to share their thoughts, which distinguishes it from friends/friends based social media.

We do not have the ambition to become larger than life, but it would be a strong signal if the participants and co-creators of the project would eventually be connected in real life as well. Apart from that, anyone interested in the project is of course welcome to join. We have no program. We are not a religion; we are not even a philosophy. We're people, randomly connected by a poem, and interested in how we live on different sides of the continent. How we think, feel, love, eat and drive, walk, bike through life: post your thoughts, share your feelings.



The procedure is simple and much the same as the procedure in any social media platform: you register, take a password, and upload photos or videos if you like, along with posting who you are and what you believe in.

What's inside?


Once inside, you can see whose online to chat, you can connect with other members, or exchange thoughts on the public platform.


gl5We have no commercial goals and we do not share any information with third parties. If you access your profile from a third party computer, we recommend you log out when you leave the website.


gl6Our aim is to give the project back to the people and the countries that created it by means of educational programs, exhibitions and this living forum. People belong to the world, and they are connected beyond borders, religions, and politics. If this seems questionable when you watch the eight o'clock news, this is only because you haven't met the people in The Links Project. They come from different cultures, different countries, and different religions, but essentially they want exactly the same: to live and love in peace, and to be able to provide for their families.


Please, be considerate when posting. The new world other begins with you rather than with the others.